You are your greatest asset

When we think about our worth or value, we often think about our bank balance, our income or perhaps our assets and liabilities.  An intrinsic human trait is to believe what we see, even if we know in our hearts that something else is possible.We look at the problems around us and our eyes tell us that we’re stuck.  We look at beautiful things around us and our eyes tell us that beauty and potential is external.

But let me share my feelings:  you are your greatest asset.  Before you look out of the window, look into the mirror and know that you are valuable and full of potential to change the world that you see!

In my Workshops, the Abundance Diary, the Journal and Coaching Sessions, one of the core values and hopes that I always pray will be grasped is that the way to wealth today is about recognizing your own worth, your value in the world.

Too many of us walk around with such a scary and dangerously low self-belief and sense of self-worth.  You are not the clothes you wear, you are not the car you drive, you are not the house that you live in.  You can accomplish great things without all of these things!  And why?  Because you are the one who makes all of these things possible – by the choices that you make!

I truly believe that you are your wealth; you are the greatest trading commodity that you will ever be blessed with.  With money and possessions, they come with a limit.  Money can only be spent until it is finished.  A nice blouse can only be worn a certain amount of times.

Invest in you!  Make regular self-worth deposits, into your ‘self-worth bank account’ in the form of self acknowledgement.  Don’t wait for the outside world to give it to you, give it to yourself!

I’d like to encourage you to look to your gifts, your passion and your ability to overcome great obstacles.  I’d like to encourage you to believe, with me, that you are your greatest asset!


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