Financial Coaching

My Financial Coaching practice offers a holistic approach, covering both the practical and the spiritual side of finances and money management. Each session is tailored to your specific needs, the bottom line is that it is about the results … your results, and ultimately you experience a transformation in the area of money.

I offer a range of financial planning products and services that are aimed to meet you where you are at.  If you are looking for personal financial coaching, then this is the right place. Once you book your appointment, I will send you the preparation work.  This will include the drafting of your ideal spending plan. This is one of the primary resources that we will work with – for the full list click here. Your ideal income & spending plan is the foundation to creating your journey to abundance and you need to bring that document along with you, along with any other relevant information. The key focus of our sessions together will be to assist you to increase your income.  This in turn allows you to increase savings and clear your debt.  We will address your relationship with money, your mindset and beliefs around money, how you feel about money and identify the blind spots blocking the expansion of your income flow.

During your first session:

We start from where you are currently.

Identify where you want to be, financially.

Map out how to get there.

You will leave the first session with homework: an action list, with a follow-up session booked. Most clients find a monthly follow up session works best for them, we would determine what will work best for you, after the initial session.


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