High up on many ‘to do’ lists is an item that seldom gets crossed off. We circle it, write over it a couple of times, underline it and maybe even use some coloured hi-lighters to emphasize how important it is on our list – but most of us never get to cross it off! The to do item in question?

Pay off all my debt.

Sometimes debt can feel like a death sentence and it makes us feel like there is no way out. After the recent economy slump most families are still trying to pick up the pieces of losing jobs, having investments bottom out and burying themselves in loans, overdrafts and credit cards to keep all the bills paid.
Over 8 million South Africans are over-indebted according to statistics. This means that 8 million households are currently struggling to pay debts on a monthly basis and are actually in need of credit counselling. This has not stopped South Africans from taking on more credit, as the recent Consumer Credit Market report shows a 22.91% increase in new credit approvals.

The result is that more than 70% of an average household income is spent on repaying debts, thereby drastically lowering living standards as disposable incomes becomes less and prices climb.
If you’re reading this now and you feel that emotional wrench that these words are speaking right to you, then let me tell you that I have a debt freedom plan for you. You can experience freedom in your finances and piece of mind today!
For the month of July I will be focusing specifically on releasing the power of debt in your finances and reclaiming your own power so that you can free yourself completely of debt.
The workshop sessions begin by transforming your perception of your debt. You will have the opportunity to experience a whole new freedom, even while you have your debt. Only attend this workshop if you want to transform this area of your life; once and for all! I believe in easy-to-use, simple practices that have positive, extensive and long-lasting influences in your life. You are valuable beyond measure and I want to help you unlock your potential, as you break free from debt!
I’d love to meet you and help you in your relationship with your money, register for one of our July workshops or contact me directly.

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