There’s an amazingly simple locution that says: “It’s your attitude, not your aptitude, that will determine your altitude.”
Many of us stay at the bottom rungs of our life because of our attitude; we’re still in the starting blocks when we should be running up ahead of the pack! Financial beliefs, feelings and flow is intrinsically linked to our attitude about how we receive, save and spend our money. I believe that the best way to build this into something that is positive, sustainable and evergreen is to have an attitude of gratitude.
Gratitude is like a sluice that is able to return the flow of money in your life to its natural cascade! The more you practice gratitude in your life and adopt it as a lifestyle, the wider the sluice opens.
I believe that attitude does two things:


Gratitude requires you to actively meditate on and appreciate the gifts and blessings that you have received as a direct result of work that you have done and good performance appraisals. When you adopt this attitude, you are able to give yourself a pat on the back for your good work, your diligence and your openness to sharing your skills with others. Whether you have a boss or you are self-employed, whether you are a full-time parent (easily the hardest job out there!) or a community worker, you are able to work for the good of others through your occupation. Take regular moments to be grateful for the love, blessings and memories that you are able to share with others.
Things that you can be grateful for that you have achieved could include:
  • Remaining calm under pressure at work
  • Your car that you bought
  • Your educational achievements
  • The beautiful garden that you’ve planted and are able to maintain
  • Your talents and skills that you use to help and bless others


No person is a rock. All of us exist because of our relationships with others and this means that others are able to build into our lives by the way that they help us. Remember, an attitude of gratitude should not only be limited to the financial blessings in our lives.
Money only has positive power when it is in balance with the positive relationships that we share. When we recognise that relationships are more powerful than money, we will be able to increase and expand the flow of money into our lives and manage it more effectively!
Things you can be grateful for that others have contributed to your life:
  • Your children and how they bring you pride and joy
  • That large, unexpected order that came through at the last minute
  • The raise that you received
  • An email thanking you for excellent service
  • The appreciation of your partner
Is it time to create new money rules for your life? Are you being proactive when it comes to your money? Then it’s time to develop your gratitude attitude and clarify the rules you use for your life and your money and watch the flow grow!
This month’s workshops are focused on helping you to achieve all of this and see an increase in your income flow. I have found, time and time again, that these workshops are key to empowering people to find their financial baseline and stick to it. With the encouragement of others and accountability, we are more likely to achieve our goals – it’s not easy to do it alone and there’s no reason why you should. Click here to register for our next workshop!

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