One of the main reasons for us not achieving our goals is because we get distracted.  It might be an emergency that crosses our path, a new opportunity offered or just the fact that most of us are too darn busy.  But, if you’re honest, think back to all the projects that you’ve put on the back-burner; the goals, hopes and dreams that you’ve had.  Have they been sidelined for more important or pressing needs?  Are they still waiting on the sideline?

We can easily lose track of these goals and the day-to-day tasks that need to happen in order to make these goals a reality.  The key to not losing track, and missing out on enjoying these dreams, is to write them down, review them regularly and track your progress!  With Linda’s 2014 Abundance Diary (and every one of the 7 editions before it!), you can write down your goals in a place that you will hopefully read every day.
You need to write down important events so that you don’t miss meetings, school activities, yoga classes, holidays, birthdays, anniversaries and other such specials occasions, so why not write down your important goals too?  Don’t just think it – ink it!
There is immense power in writing down your goals and looking at them, but if you really want to push up your chances of success in achieving them, you need to review your goals regularly.  Having a daily reminder, as you do in Linda’s diary, will keep you focused and attentive.  You will have an increased awareness to opportunities that are aligned with your goals, but you will also be aware of activities that are neither important nor helpful to seeing you achieve your dreams.
As you review your goals on a daily, weekly or monthly basis, you will be able to track your progress.  So, for example, if you want to save for a new television, you can write down the amount each week that you have saved.  The more you see your goal coming closer and closer, the more motivated and inspired you’ll be!  As you improve your saving habits, you will begin to see your money working for you.
Perhaps you would like to be more generous.  You can write down your goal amount of how much you would like to give to other people and then track how well you are doing in that area.  Generosity is a powerful habit to have if you want to start design your own abundance!
Linda’s Abundance Diary can help you to do all of this.  Here’s a testimony from one of our diary owners:

“Dear Linda,

 Personally I was never a big fan of using a diary. I always opted to rather use my cellphone instead until I received your Abundance Diary as a thank you gift from Sharon Sinclair. Today, I don’t go anywhere without it.
I absolutely love your Abundance Diary for the following reasons:
1. I am fascinated by the mind-blowing quotes for every day.
2. It keeps me positive and motivated.
3. It reminds me to be grateful for something each and every day.
4. Setting Goals, Saving etc. it’s so helpful and keeps me on my toes.
5. Its elegant design is just ‘wow’, and easy to carry around.
This is but to name a few reasons.  This is by far the best diary I have ever come across.
Best regards.
If you would like to see your dreams becoming a reality and start achieving those goals that you may have lost hope on, maybe it’s time to start writing them down and working towards the future that you want to see!

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