A Date with Financial Freedom, that will Change your Life!

You know how it is …

You promise yourself that you will get your financial life in order – tomorrow.

You view your available credit balance as an invitation to spend to the limit – even though you can’t meet your payments.

Your social life is suffering as you can’t afford to go out with friends.

You hopelessly watch as money comes in – and goes straight out again.

You keep your financial situation a secret from friends and family – they would be shocked if they knew the extent of your debt.

Your subconscious anxiety about looming bills affects your mood, outlook and relationships.

It’s tougher and tougher each month to keep up with your payments.

Or …

You’re making ends meet – but are frequently blindsided by financial surprises that get you back into debt.

You’re making money – but it’s never enough to let you like as you would like to live.

It all seems impossible to deal with

But Imagine for a Moment that …

You no longer have sleepless nights about money and debt.

That subconscious anxiety that permeates your life has disappeared.

You feel empowered to manage your own money.

There is enough money to get you to the end of the month and beyond.

You can treat a friend to lunch for a change – without using your over-burdened credit card.

Your debt is history.

You feel a new sense of lightness and pride as your debt is paid and your savings are growing.

You feel good about your financial results – they increase as your expand your vision.

Your money works for you, creating passive income and freedom.

Your positive attitude attracts an abundant flow and measurable results.

Well, it is all Possible!

I’m here to help reduce stress and anxiety around money, get your finances in order and save for the future.

My FREE online webinar will help you get some answers and see a clear path forward for you and your money!

Did you Know?

That nothing you could buy can come close to the feeling of satisfaction that financial security will give you?

Here’s What to Expect from the Free Webinar … I will Outline how you can:

Take the first steps on your financial abundance journey.

Explore and understand your relationship with money.

Claim your Money Power and feel good about your money.

Say goodbye to guilt, stress and anxiety.

Avoid money mistakes that you don’t want to make.

Break those bad money habits that are keeping you stuck.

Move to an abundant, millionaire mindset, it starts with you!

Enjoy love, pleasure and ease with your money.

Change the way you DO money.

Banish fears and worries about having enough.

Turn the energy and effort you put into your finances become a pleasure instead of a stress.

You will also discover how my 12-week, life-changing Abundance Money Flow course,

takes a step-by-step approach to abundant financial freedom.

A World of Abundance is Absolutely Available to you!

By taking a simple action TODAY, you can change your financial future forever.


What will you Take-Away from the Session?

Clarity – what is your next step?

Power – improved quality of life Emotional calm – there is a way out.

Insight – a clear pathway for action.

Optimism – a sense that no matter how bad thing seem, there is always a way out.

Reassurance – you can manage your money and build your savings.

Abundance – from anxiety and scarcity to abundance.


Positive Mindset – a new mindset that is open to abundance.

Savings – learn where to look for wasted money and how to start saving.

Structure and order – to your financial planning.

Transformation- from your worry and stress about money into peace and calm.

Awesome tools – to manage and master your money, so that your money stops mastering you.

Take Back your Power Around Money and Create this as your

Best Financial Decision Ever!

Never give up on a dream just because of the time it will take to accomplish it.

The time will pass anyway. Earl Nightingale


Linda Smith Harvey

“I am passionate about empowering people to effectively manage their money, teaching them to take back their power around money, get out of debt, and increase income flow and to get their money working for them.”

As a teenager, I was intrigued by the way people ‘worked for their money’. Why, I thought, didn’t they get their ‘money to work for them’. So when I started my first job, I set aside between 30% and 50% of my monthly salary. By 21, I had put a deposit on a house and rented it out to tenants. Within five years my mortgage bond was paid. Years later, following frequent requests from friends for guidance on how to manage their finances, I discovered that I had a natural flair for helping others manage their money effectively and that there was actually a real need for this level of support and accountability, in the market place.

As a Financial Abundance Coach, I understand the emotional turmoil that money silently creates; the feelings of despair, anxiety, helplessness and guilt. So when I opened my practice, I set out to empower clients to tackle both their finances and the negative emotions and mindset that come with financial worries.

Currently, I coach clients on a one-on-one basis, conduct financial planning workshops and give presentations for public and corporate staff empowerment.  I equip people with financial skills and tools, a positive mindset, provide a forum for discussion and encourage participants to share their thoughts, actions and success stories.

I look forward to meeting you!

What Others are Saying

No matter what I did, I seemed to only dig myself deeper into debt and financial chaos. It all seemed impossible to unravel.

Linda helped me take a lot of small steps that made me more conscious of my spending habits and my relationship with money. Within weeks, I felt a sense of control coming back. It gave me the confidence to tackle my situation, and by doing so, other aspects of my life have benefitted. By adopting an abundant attitude, I no longer feel anxious around my finances – and I confidently budget, pay my debts and save for my own future.

Linda Baker

Cape Town

Linda’s course has helped me move from a season of frustration and lack to one of positivity, profitability and prosperity.

Nthenya M


I was living month-to-month and drowning in debt from credit cards, accounts, loans and loan sharks. After doing this course, my relationship with money and how I treat myself changed and I now have a new life, literally. I have seen my income, both from my work and from outside projects, treble and I am experiencing a life that is rich, full and emotionally rewarding.

Mark Scheepers


Joining the Webinar course was one of the best presents I’ve ever bought myself!  It doesn’t matter if your finances are a mess or not, somewhere during the course you’ll find your “light bulb “moment and that will bring everything together for you.

Mariaan Cronje


I found sharing my “Money Story” was very cathartic; it was like opening the door that I had closed on myself where I had hidden my guilt and shame.  As a result, I have taken my power back and am now virtually debt free, manage my money on a daily basis, know exactly what I have spent and am able to control unnecessary purchases/spending.

Carol Geldenhuys

Cape Town

I have paid off my credit card! This really is a testament to just how amazing your Money Made Abundant course is. I wouldn’t have done it without you. I am saving a whopping R3000 a month into that “rainy day” fund.

Kate Ferguson

Cape Town

Before I took part in the Abundance Money Flow course, I was always worried about money. There never seemed to be enough coming in to do the things I really wanted to do. I always have to settle for less and make do with what I could afford. I read lots of books on Abundance and manifesting and but had limited success and little commitment. I can now see that this was a repetitive pattern in my life. Linda’s course gave me a feeling of support and encouragement. Even though signing up was going to put me in another tight financial spot, I really felt that it was exactly what I needed. My relationship with money is like a blossoming romance. Gone are all the fears and worries about having enough. Money is just showing up when I need it now, in increasing amounts, and my business is off to a great start. The effort I am putting in now is a pleasure rather than a stress.

Doing Linda’s course was the best investment I ever made. My amazing new friends on the course supported me and each other through challenges and ups and downs. I have made friends for life and I am already planning my trip to South Africa to meet my new friends from the Abundance Team. Thank you Linda for the amazing impact you have had on my life.

Paul Grant

Dublin, Ireland

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If you only have the practical money skills, you won’t put them to use because you may not believe truly that there is a better way. You will still avoid things and get stuck. And if you only had the mindset piece without the practical skills, you could still be broke because you don’t know what to do with your positive attitude.

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