Got your Abundance Diary, thanks! Looks great – my youngest was quite taken with everything in it!!! Thanks a mil!


Good Morning Linda, it is with a heart filled with gratitude that I want to thank you for the Abundance Diary I have been able to learn valuable financial skills.

Joy Warries

Hi Linda, my sincere thanks for the Abundance Diary – it is a very useful tool and I am very grateful to you.


My diary means so much to me as I plot my finances and my new year resolutions not to mention the many things I am grateful for. The diary has had a positive spin off for me as I looked back over the last three years and found that some of my goals have materialized .
Fabulous. There is nothing better than writing down goals on paper for one to peruse at any given time. The diary helps one organize this every day. Abundance is the word. Thank you.  Julia Ross


Ever since my wonderful daughters gave me Linda’s Abundance Diary as a Christmas gift about 8 years ago, I have been spoiling myself with a copy each year.  I find it inspirational, easy to use, and the advice is practical and valuable, plus I love the daily quotes. Can’t wait to start using my 2019 Abundance Diary – I feel motivated already!!  Kathy Harrison

Joy Warries

I love using Linda’s Abundance Diary because it supports me to maintain clarity with my finances, day by day & month by month. Using it over the years has helped me save more, settle debt & to feel more confident & at ease with my finances. I recommend this diary to anyone who wants to increase their financial peace of mind. It’s like a gift to yourself. My business is growing as I am more focused & grateful. Yes. I love the daily gratitude section too! Thank you Linda!!!   Roxy Marosa


I joined Linda’s course at a time that was undoubtedly my most challenging year financially. Linda’s course and the wonderful family that she formed on Whatsapp (for all course members) made it so much easier for me to stay focused and do what was necessary to get through.

For me the change to my view on saving and paying myself first made the biggest difference. It was a complete change in perspective. I am one of those people who always knew that I should save but I always paid my creditors first. I was waiting for the day that all my expenses, emergencies (mine and others) and creditors were paid before I was going to look after myself. It took a big leap for me to change my view but I have done it and I can see what a difference it is making and will continue to make in my life going forward.

I would definitely recommend the course to anyone who feels they need a new perspective on money and their wealth.   Thank you Linda and the Abundance Team!

Monica de Sousa

Johannesburg, Lawyer

Dear Linda, I have been using your diary for the first time this year and have found it both well constructed and inspiring.


Dear Linda, I would like to thank you for the wonderful Abundance Diary. It really is a daily inspirational way to manage money and our lives.


Thank you so much for you wonderful ‘value for money in more ways than one’ Diary – it is fantastic and really helping me to save money.


Since starting the course, I feel that I am supported. I am not defined by my debts. I have broken the cycle and I feel powerful. I have now started saving, listing to myself, trusting myself, things that I had never done before the course! It feels great!

My mindset has changed. It was a huge shift for me. The feeling of gratefulness and having a much better relationship with money is awesome I loved the debt freedom plan and doing the money story exercise allowed me to understand where it all started.  It has given me the power to overcome the blocks that were holding me back. These were very valuable aspect of the course and I loved the journey, every step!

Today, as a result of the course, I am so much happier and positive about life ready to live my best life and I feel very excited about that! Thanks Linda!

Sheetal Singh

Johannesburg, Food Technologist

Linda, it usually takes me weeks of thoughtful consideration before deciding on a diary to share my life with for a year – but this year, no hesitation. Thank you for a superb job, and a refined but practical work book. I just wish it was Jan 1st already (although I have started using the recording sheet already. Thanks in advance for guiding me through a prosperous year of abundance!


Dear Linda, I absolutely love the daily phrases and it’s incredibly handy for my monthly budgets etc.   I think it’s the first time in my life when absolutely every page of my diary is full of appointments, ideas and a ‘to do’ list. I am enjoying full use of the diary.


I bake pancakes, rusks, fruit cakes etc at the farmers market. I’m so grateful for stumbling onto this diary. I live by every word for the first time in my life I’ve been able to save and my income has tripled. I feel I’m doing my share now. I live by faith and affirmations now – I am a money magnet. Thank you may you and your diary be blessed and bless others like I’ve been. Looking forward to next year’s edition.


I am no longer afraid to check my finances and when I do it, it is with a positive, problem-solving attitude. I realise I am in charge of my own destination, and saving benefits me! 

I have paid off three of my accounts since the start of the course. Also, for the first time in years, I actually had money in the bank the day before payday! Knowing that I am tacking my debt, have a plan and am implementing it has been a huge shift for me! I have loved the financial vision process; it has been incredible to create along with fixing the leaks

Having the support of Linda and the group through difficult times made a difference.  Now I feel emotional freedom. That cloud over my finances that hangs over my life has drifted away – knowing that I can – and am- adopting a new approach to my money that will serve me in the long-term.

Linda Baker

Cape Town, The Enviropaedia

Your diary and the financial advice provided are world class and something which all indebted consumers can benefit from.


Linda, thank you so much for a great diary. It arrived at a time when I really needed it now I’m hooked!


Thank You for sharing your gift. You Abundance Diary is a blessing in my life!


The biggest shift for me is actually realising that I can survive on my income where before I felt stressed, anxiety etc.  Now I am at a point where I can save up and pay debt off faster.  I can pay unexpected bills.  I am more prepared in a month and I plan ahead.

I am most proud of paying off some of my debt.  Also realising that I could actually pay off the kids school fees for the rest of the year with the savings I had.  That was a great moment.  My other proud moment was for being more strict on my teen and giving her a budget and budget plan.

I am more open with my husband.  This course has actually saved my marriage.  I was at a low point with finances, marriage and being a mother.  I felt like a total failure and just wanted to give up.  With the intro session I started seeing the light but still had this dark cloud over me.  By module 2 I was a total different person.  Even my husband has changed for the better and this just off my vibes.  I would not change this journey for anything in the world.  It was an eye opener on how easy it is to just adjust yourself and your vision in life. I am enough and I can achieve.

I am happier and on track with my life.  I have a target that I ….. We are working towards.  I am not on an Island of my own anymore.  The whole family is making a success in our dreams.  We are all building towards an new house and new beginnings.  The foundation of our finances has been laid down and we are going to succeed.

We are so aware what we say about money now.  It is just so amazing how you can adjust your thinking, your outlook and your vision.  This is truly a journey I would take again. Thank you Linda for opening my eyes to what is right in front of me.

Vivien Dick

Port Elizabeth, Senior Client Service Manager

No matter what I did, I seemed to only dig myself deeper into debt and financial chaos. It all seemed impossible to unravel.

Linda helped me take a lot of small steps that made me more conscious of my spending habits and my relationship with money. Within weeks, I felt a sense of control coming back. It gave me the confidence to tackle my situation, and by doing so, other aspects of my life have benefitted. By adopting an abundant attitude, I no longer feel anxious around my finances – and I confidently budget, pay my debts and save for my own future.

Linda Baker

Cape Town

I was living month-to-month and drowning in debt from credit cards, accounts, loans and loan sharks. After doing this course, my relationship with money and how I treat myself changed and I now have a new life, literally. I have seen my income, both from my work and from outside projects, treble and I am experiencing a life that is rich, full and emotionally rewarding.

Mark Scheepers


I found sharing my “Money Story” was very cathartic; it was like opening the door that I had closed on myself where I had hidden my guilt and shame.  As a result, I have taken my power back and am now virtually debt free, manage my money on a daily basis, know exactly what I have spent and am able to control unnecessary purchases/spending.

Carol Geldenhuys

Cape Town

I have always avoided the subject of money, saving it for one day along with spirituality. Somehow I have connected with both on this course after realizing how both are connected to each other and are vital to me living a fulfilled and abundant life. So with this course I have gained more self confidence and belief within. I have set big financial amounts to achieve that previously scared me, but now see it as a game. If my life is going to pass anyway, might as well take a risk being and doing great things.

My biggest shift thus far has been my awareness of what I have in my life to be thankful for. This is reinforced through my practice of gratitude and reaffirming that I have enough. With it a lot of fear and feelings of lack have disappeared.

Learning how my words create my reality. This blew my mind and had me paying more attention to the communication around and within me.  The decision of doing this course has awakened things about me that I have the complete power to change. Everything we are learning… Energy, thoughts, words, beliefs, feelings and expectations.

Since the course I am richer in finances and spirit. I also have a much better direction for my life. My work life and my relationship with family, friends and with myself are so much better. This course and Linda has been a God send and one thing I am grateful for is making the decision to invest in it and myself. 

Grant Whitman

Self-Employed Freelancer, Cape Town

Linda’s course has helped me move from a season of frustration and lack to one of positivity, profitability and prosperity.

Nthenya M


Joining the Webinar course was one of the best presents I’ve ever bought myself!  It doesn’t matter if your finances are a mess or not, somewhere during the course you’ll find your “light bulb “moment and that will bring everything together for you.

Mariaan Cronje


I have paid off my credit card! This really is a testament to just how amazing your Money Made Abundant course is. I wouldn’t have done it without you. I am saving a whopping R3000 a month into that “rainy day” fund.

Kate Ferguson

Cape Town

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