Wednesday, 22 May, 2013

To all those ladies who joined me yesterday – thank you for joining us for another inspiring session – Expand your Income!!
I look forward to hearing about the results on your intentions and goals.
Working with the power of intention makes a huge difference when it comes to causing results in your life!!
As you get yourself out of the way, so to speak, you will start to see amazing things happen and results show up.  Here are four reminders from yesterday’s workshop…
  1. As amazing things happen, be sure to record them, as part of your gratitude practise!
  2. Gratitude is one of the cornerstones for abundance!
  3. Remember to live “as if” your results have manifested!
  4. Just don’t spend “as if” – that can come later!!

Here is the link to my new Facebook pageAbundance By Design.  We are running monthly competitions – so remember to enter and your next workshop could be free!

Please do share about your goals, as discussed in the workshop, or share about your experience of the workshop!  These can be entered below in the comments block.  I will keep them in so that you can return to them and see how you’re doing! Remember, it’s not about how far you have to go, but how far you’ve come!
Have a great day!
~ Linda x


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