Henry Browne said “When you know that you’re capable of dealing with whatever comes, you have the only security the world has to offer.”
Looking back at what you’ve had to deal with and seeing the beauty of blessings in your life is an act that will empower you to tackle more and achieve greater heights towards your goals! As our December theme for 2012, I truly value the discipline of acknowledgement. I believe it to be a vital contribution in the abundance journey and see it as a two-part activity. Both are powerful and effective in activating our creativity and determination to release our gifts and strengths.


The first aspect of acknowledgement is to recognise our past blessings. In this case, we look back throughout the year and think through each month. We remember what happened to us, how we responded, and consider the blessings that we received. These could include a new relationship, a new job opportunity, a gift, an answer to a question or a holiday. Or perhaps we recognise trials that we endured and can hopefully see how we were strengthened through the experience. Recognition, comes from the word cognizance which has a Latin birth in the phrase “getting to know”. This process is about getting to know yourself better.
Page-back through your diary or journal and mentally re-visit those places in your memory. It is largely a nostalgic experience as we will be aware of the feelings and thoughts that we still associate with these events. Some may be happy whilst others may not, and that’s okay!
Recognising the bends and turns and the hills and valleys of our journey is an effective tool in dealing with those feelings and memories in a mature, positive way. The way that we build this into our progression forward is in the way that we articulate these experiences.
Whilst remembering is important, articulation is equally important. In our 2012 Abundance Diary, we have a page at the beginning of this month where you can write down your accomplished goals as well as those that you still need to complete. This is the process of articulation; writing down all the events and blessings from our recognition stage. It’s amazing how inspired we can become when we realize how much we’ve achieved but also that we have some fresh achievements ahead…
These feelings breathe life into our dreams and we will see our creative sparks light up!
2012 is not over, not in the least. You can still achieve unfinished goals, or at least make significant headway for next year! Remember, don’t just think it; ink it. I’d like to encourage you to recognise your achievements and articulate them. Let this month be a time of recognition, reflection and positive activity!

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