We often make the mistake of believing that money is power. It is not; the power lies in how we use our money. We can be powerfully ineffective or powerfully effective! How we use and manage our money is intrinsically linked to how we feel. If you want to take back your power in how you manage your money, one of the steps in the journey to abundance involves generosity – the power of giving.


I believe that designing a life of abundance is about increasing the flow of blessings. The key word to focus on here is flow. In life, we have a natural tendency to ‘dam up’ our resources in order to keep our wealth and abundance. The problem with this is that we then begin to restrict the flow if we dam up too much. Giving allows us to release blessings that we have received and continue the flow!
Whilst it is wise and prudent to save (a way of damming up our income), it should be balanced with wise and planned spending and giving.

Giving is not only essential for maintaining the flow of abundance, it is also highly beneficial to our soul.


Giving to others has a wonderful benefit in that it makes us feel better about our wealth and ourselves. If we dam up all of our wealth and keep it for ourselves, without blessing others, we will begin to feel guilty and anxious about our money. The problem with water, when it is dammed up for too long, is that it becomes stale and is no longer healthy. The same thing happens with our wealth, it can begin to make us unhealthy and bitter – like stagnant water. This is damaging to our soul and will greatly affect our ability to live in abundance.
Giving reminds us that abundance is not linked to our bank balance; it is linked to our choices to live lives that make a difference. If you would like to learn more about the power of giving, how to increase your income flow and bring order and structure to your finances, then register for one of our April workshops or contact Linda directly.

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