Last Tuesday started out as any other crisp autumn dawn, but it was not to be any ordinary day.  It was one of my workshop days, where people arrive at my office and share their dreams, passions, frustrations, hopes, fears, valleys and hills.  Where mountains are conquered and strength is restored. Where vision is focused and hearts are encouraged.
Last Tuesday, my office was full; in fact, I needed to bring in extra chairs to contain the capacity. Why? Because people are important. People are the reason and need for abundance. Without relationships, our journey is without a view and the destination will be hollow.
People are powerful and essential in our abundance journey.


Why do I share my experience, knowledge and financial gifting? Why do I focus my attention on encouraging people to regain their power over their money? Because I believe in the power of giving. I believe that we need to be responsible with what we’ve been given, and to continue the flow of blessing.
Yes, you need to hold on to some of what you have and use it wisely, but you also need to have a planned place in your budget for giving. Giving opens up your eyes to the needs of others and how you can help. I believe that it also opens you up to the generosity of others who are in a position to bless you!


Every workshop, without fail, I have my points clearly defined, my intentions set and the three hours nicely plotted out. Every workshop, without fail, amazing sharing deepens the flow of the session. Yes, we discuss the theme and my main points enter the conversations, but the power of people overwhelms the content every time.

It’s in this truth that I find the need to keep hosting these workshops. We are not meant to enter and endure this journey alone. We are meant to enjoy it together.
During the session, Hilary shared how she is currently being overwhelmed by the generosity of her friends. She is feeling blessed and overjoyed by the love and appreciation that she is feeling. But she feels a little guilty; why should she be receiving these blessings? Another lady offers her the following wisdom: If you’ve been generous with others, now is your season for others to be generous to you – enjoy it!
Lucy, sitting to my left shares that she’s been scared of budgeting, seeing it as a piece of paper that will make her feel guilty and invaluable. Nancy across the table from us jumps straight in and shares the deep and satisfying value that she has felt since beginning her budgeting journey, several months back. This is her seventh workshop with me. She and her family now have boundaries in place and are able to say no to expenses that are outside of their budget. Together, they feel empowered.
Another lady in our group, with the white hairs of wisdom, volunteers the following story: “I have found that money comes from the most unexpected places. Last week two friends and I spent several hours at a market, trying to sell our products, with no takers. We decided to pack up shop and head off to another market for some tea and a little relax. When we arrived, most of the stalls were being packed down. We sat down at a tea and cake stall and began to relax. It was not more than a few minutes later when we had an inquiry from someone that recognised us. We unpacked some of our fabrics and products and within that hour, we made more sales than in the previous three weeks!”
A beautiful story of blessing. A story that is true and free from interrogation. A story that holds its own in a collage of many stories just like it.
This is why I give. This is why I love workshops. The stories of others are the manna with which I refuel my passions. Every workshop is different because of the people that attend them. I always know how I would like them to go, but I never know how they will turn out. There is immense wealth and value in sharing.
If you would like to learn more about expanding your income flow and bringing order and structure to your finances, then register for one of our May workshops or contact Linda directly.

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