The older we get the more we realise that it’s the smaller details of life that really make life worth living.
“In the sweetness of friendship let there be laughter, and sharing of pleasures. For in the dew of little things the heart finds its morning and is refreshed.”
Khalil Gibran (Poet, 1883-1931)

Take a moment to think about what robs your joy and ruins your day. It’s the small things isn’t it? The keys that you can’t find, the email that won’t open, the appliance that stops working, the shop assistant who’s rude or the string of red robots when all you want to be is home!
It makes sense then that if a list of small things can ruin your day, a list of small things can also make your day! What are the small things in your life that refresh your soul? Spending time with your loved ones, wearing beautiful perfume, taking a long drive along a scenic drive or indulging in a sweet delight?


Often our goals contain only the big things. Perhaps your goal list looks a little like this:
  • Get my degree
  • Get married
  • Buy a house
  • Have an overseas holiday
  • Retire rich
These are all worthy and healthy goals for most people! Perhaps your list is different, but it might have big goals that cannot be achieved in a day, a week or even a month. We believe that we will be happy when we’ve reached these milestones, and most of the time we are! But this happiness only lasts a short time. No matter how big the goal, it will only leave you happy for a moment.
Remember how happy you were when you got your new car? A few months later, are you still as euphoric to be driving it? Exactly. This is because we get used to new things, and after a while, they don’t give us the same pleasure they did in the beginning.
Here’s the secret to setting goals that bring about abundance in your life: set smaller, more frequent goals.
You could spend a significant chunk of money on a diamond engagement ring, but imagine if, instead, you saved some of that cash for other things for your marriage — flowers, dinners out together, weekend trips away, small presents and… babysitting. Chances are, you’d still be enjoying these long after you got tired of staring at the ring on your finger!


If you want to start living in a life that’s abundant with joy, here are my suggestions:
  • Set yourself a (non-financial) daily goal: This could be 15 minutes of time completely alone with no interruptions from technology, work, family or friends. Perhaps, if you work too much and don’t get to see your loved ones, it’s a set period of time dedicated to them! Maybe ask your partner for a 10-minute foot rub before bed or go for a walk out in nature. If it’s a goal that you set, you can look forward to it and appreciate it in the moment!
  • Set yourself a weekly goal: This can be a cup of coffee with your friends, a movie with your partner or a browse through your favourite book shop for a new book! It’s nice to save a little money to treat yourself once a week. Maybe you can save R100 every week and you can decide ‘in the moment’ what you’d like to do!
All of these smaller, more frequent goals, help you to appreciate what you have now instead of longing for a large goal that is somewhere off in the non-tangible, distant future. When we wait and wait for a goal that seems too hard to achieve or too far off, we can become discouraged, demotivated and miss the abundance that we already have!
If you’ve set yourself some goals today, why don’t you share them below and encourage all of our other readers too! You are valuable and can make a big difference in the small things that you do for others. Enjoy your new routine and have some fun with it!

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