Your 52 Week Saving Challenge

Your 52 week SAVING CHALLENGE starts here. . .


The SAVING CHALLENGE supports you in paying yourself first and taking back your POWER with MONEY!!

Over the years of Financial Coaching, most clients would share how they struggled to save.
When they did save, very soon they needed that money for something else and it would bring their savings back to zero.  Very discouraging resulting in them giving up on saving, believing that it does not work..


How important is SAVING to you?

The truth is that everyone has money to save,
even if you have to make a plan to find it.

The key is recognize the power of paying yourself first and to continue to develop your saving muscle. 

And it not about the amount, it’s the habit and action that counts!
Whatever your reason for not saving, are you willing to go beyond that block? 

I hope that your answer is YES!!

This challenge will be an excellent KICK START for you!!

I HIGHLY recommend this 52 Week Savings Plan because it is simple but powerful. 
You will develop your saving muscle over 52 weeks, it’s life changing!

The TWENTY PLENTY SAVING CHALLENGE offers you two options 

YOU can select the one that suits you BEST

This is how it works:  
If you took on the 2020 Saving Challenge, then you can upgrade to the ADVANCED – NEXT LEVEL Saving Challenge!
That means that you will continue to add R10.00 to the amount your saved in the last week of the 2020 Saving Challenge

Therefore will save R530.00 in week one. 
The next week you save R540.00 and
R550.00 in week three and so on. 
Get the picture?

If you are not ready for the ADVANCED SAVING CHALLENGE, you can begin with the STARTER SAVING CHALLENGE. That means that you will start with R10.00 in week one and then in the second week,  you will save R20.00, and R30.00 in week three and so on.

I look forward to this journey together.
Which will you choose?

Therefore, I trust that you started the 52 WEEK SAVING CHALLENGE!  And yes, this SAVING challenge will test you!! It’s designed that way. If you want to shift your results with money, then I recommend that you take on this SAVING challenge. It’s life changing.  
Plus, my weekly newsletter further supports you to stay on track with your saving GOALS.

Saving Challenge

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To your juicy life

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