Hi, I’m Linda

Known to many as their ‘Abundance Angel’,
I am a Financial Abundance Coach,
writer and entrepreneur,
based in the Garden Route.

I bought my first property at age 21, paid it off within 5 years.

My passion is to bring financial peace of mind to you.

Financial Abundance Coach


2024 Abundance Mindset Planner

Linda’s 2024 Abundance Mindset Planner

Abundance Journal

Linda’s Abundance Journal

Financial Coaching

Financial Coaching

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The Power of Giving
The Power of Giving
Giving is the secret of abundance. – Swami Sivananda I love giving gifts. Big, small, birthday, Christmas, or for no reason at all. It makes me happy when that other person smiles. Of course,...
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In the morning when you wake up, none of you stand out on your porch or balcony frantically breathing in because you are afraid that later in the day there will be a scarcity of air.  You breathe in and you breathe out and think nothing of it. 
What I want to get you to understand is that it is the same thing with money. There is no need to go out and hold your breath in an attempt to hold on to the air in case there is a later lack.  You are all much closer to a financial fortune right now that you are even willing to dream about, for fear that you will be disappointed if it does not come.


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