How much Money do you keep?

Today, I am asking you to think about how much of your money you think you should keep each month?

Believe it or not, even people who make millions sometimes spend MORE than they make and find themselves in financial trouble.  Imagine that….!!??   Believe it or not, this fact highlights the point that it is not about how much or how little you make… it’s what you do with it.

So that removes the excuse of not savings, because you do not earn enough.  If all your income goes to paying month end and day to day expenses, then what you have is a very short term relationship with money!  And that is not what you want, if you dream of financial freedom.

The key for everyone is to find the balance between what they MAKE, what they SPEND and, ultimately, what they KEEP!   So how are you doing?  How much money do you think you should keep versus how much money would you like to keep each month?  Answering that question for yourself is a great place to start.


How much Money do you keep?

If you want to build WEALTH,

it’s not what you MAKE,

but what you KEEP, that COUNTS!

How much will you commit to keeping?

By saving you will prevent yourself and your family from suffering future financial hardship and you will protect your future and get the best out of life.   If you have money in reserve for a rainy day, or for your child’s education, that dream holiday, your dream wedding and honeymoon or simply for your retirement, saving will ensure that YOU are better protected!

Please share in the comments below, about your commitment to building wealth through saving!

Here’s to your abundance!

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