Do you struggle to SAVE Money?

Do you find that you constantly struggle to SAVE Money?  That could mean that you feel like a victim, when it comes to money?  The truth is that most people struggle with money management, wondering where it went or worrying about have enough for unexpected expenses.  Being a victim of money is certainly not the desired position.  So why does this happen and what can you do about it? 

So you are either not making enough money each month (a belief) or you struggle with a budget that never seems to work out, (not a good feeling) and you feel stressed or you panic about not having enough money, (money becomes an emotional issue too) so you decide that you will try to save later, (living in hope) because you are not sure if your money will last until your next pay day. (more stress)

Wow, just reading and thinking about that brings the full impact of money stress and anxiety to mind and in fact, the full impact on you and the “cost” to you cannot even be calculated.  But the impact is massive and you are feeling it and it is not feeling good.

If you are experiencing anything like that, consider that not only are you a victim of money, but the stress and anxiety that is negatively impacting every other area of your life too, is most definitely reducing the QUALITY of your life.  

Think about this, wouldn’t it be wonderful to MAKE as much money as you could SPEND and SAVE? 
Yes, of course…life would be easy, life would be breezy…!!

So is there is a solution?

Are you willing to do whatever it takes to improve your finances? 
Sometimes it means letting go of old beliefs that no longer serve you, and adopting new ones.

It can also mean being open to the possibility that you can gradually change how you feel about certain things, by the actions that you take.  

Do you struggle to SAVE Money?


Saving is your ticket to freedom. 
Building savings is your passport to travel. 
Regular saving is the number one practice that will allow you to achieve your dreams and goals. 
The first step is to start saving, even a small amount. 
The next step of consistent saving! 
Saving like your life depends on it, because it does!!
How does that sound?

If you want to build WEALTH,

it’s not what you MAKE,

but what you KEEP,

that COUNTS!

Planning to save is essential to sustaining your BEST future financial well being and ultimately getting your money HARD working for you.  That is the financial goal to create and work towards achieving.  Over time, it will be so worth it, because it will free up your time to do what you want, while your money is working hard for you.  That’s what freedom looks and feels like.

My recommendation is that you track your savings each week!  You can record your saving goals and results in the monthly tracker of your Abundance Money Diary.  Taking action and acknowledging the results is a great way to record your progress. Doing this helps you to bring your savings goals to fruition!!

The key is finding the balance between what you make, what you spend and, ultimately, what you keep!

Here’s to your abundance!

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