Are you allowing money to flow to you?


How are you allowing money to flow to you?  Well, firstly money, sex and religion, they often say, are topics best avoided. That was certainly a message, that one understood, somehow it was instilled in me when I was very Money to flow to youyoung. The golden rule was to never ruin a dinner party by bringing up one of the three. Well, slightly contrary to that, talking money can be liberating too.  So I would like to ask, how do you feel about the money talk?

Yes, money can be an uncomfortable subject, but it is actually an important one to discuss and explore. You never know when you’re going to learn something new, so don’t hide under a rock. At the same time, there’s no need to tell everyone you know how much you earn or how much your last holiday cost you.

You were born into the “money system”, whether you like it or not. Understanding the way the money system works and then taking into account the beliefs you hold in your heart and mind around the theme of prosperity and abundance will either be empowering or blocking your ability to attract and keep the money when it shows up in your life.

If you worry about money you’re definitely not alone. The good news is that there are many awesome ways you can start to cultivate a feeling of abundance even if you have next to nothing in your bank account.  Surprised to hear that?

Your current bank balance is not an indication of your self-value, your self worth or your potential, but a reflection of your past choices.

By focusing on abundance and prosperity, you can create the correct alignment for abundance and prosperity to be real for you. The KEY is to remember is that the Universe responds to how you think and feel about it.Money to flow to you

So why not go ahead and fill your heart with the energy of abundance and flow?

The first thing that you want to address is your thinking because this is where your power resides. Did you know that the greatest power on earth is your mind? Yes, that’s why they call it mind power. Your beliefs hold and direct your life! A shift in your thinking and beliefs can allow you to feel and express gratitude for where you are now (even if not ideal) and whatever you have in the present moment. It is that simple. So if you’re stressed about not having enough money, then it’s time to start believing that anything is possible.

It may not be easy, but I can tell you that the energy you put into things will always return back to you.

Abundance and prosperity consciousness is something that grows and expands over time, but you have to be willing to release patterns and beliefs that no longer serve you.

Here are SIX STEPS to help to open your money flow and enjoy abundance:

Your Time is Precious
The bottom line is that life is actually too short to worry about anything. Most of the things in life are beyond your control. However, you do have the ability to control how you perceive certain situations. Don’t waste a moment caught in upset and worry about money. It is about making that commitment to yourself, which is very important!

It is Enough
This is your new mantra! Can you start by acknowledging what you do have, declaring “it is enough” and “thank you, that it is enough”. By declaring this, you are affirming what you do have and setting the stage for increased flow in line with your new abundance consciousness. Instead of focusing on and complaining that it is not enough, you can shift the energy. It is a choice that you can make. Notice how you feel when you say ‘it is enough’. Go for a walk, get out into nature, look around and acknowledge that you have more than enough.

Money to flow to youBe Grateful
Sadly, a vast majority of people who live on this beautiful planet live in real poverty. They don’t have clean water, or health care, or education. As you read this, please acknowledge that you truly have so much to be grateful for when you put your privilege into perspective. Acknowledge gratitude every day and notice how it will shift your abundance consciousness.

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Money is Energy
Manifesting money is all about the energy that you bring to the experience. When you add value and bring a playful, open and receptive attitude to any situation, the more likely it is that your vibration is buzzing at a frequency to welcome in the flow that you desire. Energy flows where focus goes!

You are a Money Magnet
Here is another mantra for you: I am a beautiful money magnet. Abundance isn’t just about the money that is in your bank account. Abundance is about how prosperous you feel and how present you can remain in each moment with a heart filled with gratitude. This will amplify and magnetize your manifesting powers in ways that will surprise and delight you.

The Universe has your Back
Wow, this is a big one! Imagine… the Universe always has your back. You are supported. Yes you are! How does that feel? When you learn to trust that you are infinitely LOVED, cherished and protected then life becomes easier, more in flow and you feel happier! Fear simply melts away. Whenever you feel overwhelmed, like life is happening TO you, just consider that, actually, life is happening and unfolding FOR you. It is about perspective. How incredible is that? Life is happening FOR you… the stage is set, FOR YOU, to create your future and manifest your dreams, because that is what it is all about.

Please let go of fear and doubt! Release the limiting beliefs and start to see that you are worthy and deserving of abundance in every area of your life. You deserve the best.

Here is your third mantra:  I deserve the BEST!Money to flow to you

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Life is a learning curve….you are moving in the right direction if you keep learning. Do not doubt yourself or your abilities, simply keep learning and trust in the journey!
That is an abundant life!

Never forget:
Energy Flows where Your Mind Goes!

Please share your KEY takeaway in the comments below

Sending abundant blessings to you!

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