When I started my financial coaching practice over 12 years ago, I realised that I had discovered my passion.   I loved helping people resolve their money issues.  My goal has been to show clients how to increase their income flow, build savings and get out of debt and get their money working for them;  to ultimately have a powerful experience with money. It is about taking your power back.  Knowing where your money goes, instead of wondering where it went…

Initially, I met with clients on a one on one basis at my home office.  After a while, I also realised that while I loved the work that I was doing, I was also SELLING TIME.  The next step was to expand my offering to include financial coaching workshops. During this time, a friend suggested that I develop a PRODUCT which left me feeling irritated.  Irritated and frustrated, since I could not think of a product … I drew a blank. As I said to myself, “I am offering a SERVICE…how do I turn that into a PRODUCT”?

But as we know, miracles do happen, because the idea for a financial diary began to dawn on me.  I recalled how years ago I turned an ordinary diary into a place to track my money.  It worked very well……what if I created a diary that people could use day by day, to track, monitor, bring order, clarity and creativity to their finances?

I believe in the principle of goal setting, so goal setting charts, other templates and inspirational financial themes would form a part of the diary.  And so, the idea was born….

covers from 2011

Well the rest, as they say, is history.  Year after year, I have created a new Abundance Diary. It takes 9 months from creation to delivery.  What a journey from creation to distribution, to touching lives and making a difference!



I am delighted to share that the 2016 edition of the Abundance Diary will be available from end of August, in stores or directly from me.  Your Abundance Diary will support you in creating your financial legacy!  Click here to pre-order your 2016 Abundance Diary.

2016 Abundance Diary Front Cover


Having DEBT is one of the blocks that people have, when they want to build savings and invest their money.  Many people believe that if you have debt, you must pay off their debt and then start saving.  This could not be further from the truth.  The longer you delay making that saving payment, the less time you have to build your financial legacy.

If you have debt but also want to build savings, here are some things that you can do:

  1. Start small!  Start saving even while you have debt.  Savings is your most important expense and from a universal perspective, as you focus on building savings, you will feel better about your money and you will also attract more.  Positive energy is a magnet for money!
  2. Your first saving goal is to have an EMERGENCY FUND – everyone needs an emergency fund. It will provide you with the first level of financial security.
  3. Open a separate savings account. You cannot build your savings in your everyday bank account.
  4. When you make a payment towards your debt, bless that money as your send it out, knowing that when the debt is paid off, that money will form part of your savings commitment. Think of it as SAVING your way out of DEBT.
  5. Set up the CASH DIET for day to day expenses. Most people spend much more when they use plastic (debit or credit cards) because it disconnects you from what you are actually spending.  Think about it….
  6. Do not rob your savings. If you need to borrow money from your savings, make a commitment to also repay yourself, just as you would if you had borrowed the money from a friend.  This is accountability, accountability to yourself, when no one is checking on this!



My latest offering is Abundance Money School – an online financial coaching course with me. 

It is a life changing JOURNEY.

If you want to find out more, please call me on 071 330 8610 or click here.



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