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Wait wait wait… Don’t run away before you read about this. I know what you’re thinking. You’re sitting at yourCrystal Magic desk at work (maybe you’re lucky enough to be sitting in a pool of sunlight at your kitchen counter) and you are shaking your head at the thought of crystals….and what is “crystal magic”? I’ll bet you’re imagining wearing a crochet top and tie-dye floor length skirt, frolicking your way through a festival in some far away hidden forest, doing dances around bonfires at night… you get my drift with this. A lot of people think crystals do nothing. But a lot of people think they do, at the very least, a little something. I for one believe in them. And maybe that is where my great belief for manifesting comes in to play. Either way, if you’re a believer or not, why not give them a try? They look beautiful, and there are so many ways to incorporate them into your home or work space without your boss looking at you strangely.

Let me explain to you how crystals can help you with your money.

Crystals can carry very powerful vibrations to help you attract wealth and become more of a money magnet.

I like to call it Crystal magic….?

If you want to attract money you can use crystals to supercharge your manifesting. These following three crystals are all considered stones of prosperity, but how they create that prosperity is different for each crystal. Each of these crystals has something unique to offer.

These are the top three crystals for manifesting money:

Citrine – Being a Conscious Creator

Crystal magic


Citrine is often referred to as a stone of abundance. Yellow Citrine is thought to carry amazing attraction powers, not only because it attracts wealth, but because it helps to clear away any obstacles towards manifesting.

It is often our thoughts and attitudes that limit our ability to manifest money. Thoughts like “I’m not worthy”, “I don’t deserve wealth” or “I don’t have enough money” shape our reality. It is important to be conscious of what you think and say about money. Our mind is a powerful tool in attracting what we want.
When you’re feeling excited and passionate, prosperity follows. Feel those feelings, and allow yourself to consciously create prosperity.

Pyrite – Focusing on Abundance and Prosperity

Pyrite is known as a stone of luck. It helps to attract abundance, wealth and prosperity to the user. It also works on a physical level to create prosperity.  Pyrite is an earth stone with strong grounding abilities. It helps you to focus and have mental clarity.  Pyrite’s energy helps you get things done.

Crystal Magic


A good place for this crystal could be in your office. When you focus your energy and attention on abundance, you attract more of the same. Be grateful for what you have. An attitude of gratitude is an essential foundation for attracting abundance. You can manifest more money by being aware of the prosperity that is all around you.


Aventurine – Being of Service to Others

crystal magci


Aventurine is known as the stone of opportunity.  It helps manifest prosperity and wealth. It is also a stone of the heart, connecting the material world with that of the spiritual.  Want to make more money? Give of your time and money, and be of service to others. Wear it on a chain around your neck.

Manifesting money is an energy vibration. When you give, you receive. The more you give, the more you receive.  When you are generous with your money or your time, and feel good about sharing it, you are saying, in effect, that you have plenty, you have abundance.Crystal Magic

Three crystals, three ways, for manifesting money into your life!   Carry these crystals with you, or you can place them in your office or in your home.

Use these crystals and the messages they carry to attract more abundance in your life.

Which crystal appeals to you?   All of them….?

I am going with all of them!!

Crystal Magic

Manifest Prosperity & Abundance, with Crystals!

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