Do you know my story and why I do this work?


It started with SAVING!

As a teenager, I was intrigued by the way people ‘worked for their money’ and I often wondered how people could set things up to have their ‘money work for them’. 

My dad explained that a bond (home loan) is like having a 20 year noose around your neck.  That sounded like something I should avoid.  Why not pay it off in 5 years, I thought!   

My parents would sometimes remark the classic one that most of us heard at some point: 
“Money does not grow on trees!”   An odd statement, I thought, so with what I had heard about money in mind, when I started my first job, I immediately began to save between 25 and 50 % of my salary.

It started with SAVING!

What really tipped it for me, and grew my conviction was being told:  “The world does not owe you a living.”  At that point I knew, I better make a plan and my plan was to buy a house, so the intention was to build the savings to put down as a deposit on a house.   
I bought my first property at age 21, putting tenants in helped to cover the home loan interest and the capital loan was paid off within 5 years!

Years later, I discovered, through assisting friends with their finances that my natural skill and ability with managing money filled a ‘gap in the market’.  My natural aptitude with money, together with coaching training and experience, Financial Abundance Coaching was ‘born’!!

Financial Abundance Coaching

Financial Abundance Coaching is a method of inquiring and questioning that helps a person to think more clearly, go beyond ‘limiting’ past beliefs and gain new perspectives in the area of money.  Coaching is an interactive process, a dynamic partnership that provides accountability and support on the journey to financial peace of mind.

My financial coaching follows a holistic approach. I blend practical tools and introduce spiritual and universal principles, providing an access to increasing the flow of money into your life and ensuring the experience of financial success through building assets and getting your money working for you.

My training and products provide simple and easy to use structures that support and facilitate easy money management, at all times.  My priority is the financial well-being of people from all economic backgrounds, thereby facilitating an improved quality of life, increased productivity, focus, energy and vitality.
Many of my clients like to refer to me as their Abundance Angel.   In line with that, I am passionate about empowering people in the management of their money.  I offer speaking engagements, I am a workshop facilitator and writer.  I am the founder of Linda’s Abundance Money School, creator and writer of Linda’s Abundance Money Diary, Linda’s Abundance Journal. 

Latest Offering

My newest offering is my
Abundance Alchemy online course,
which will start in September. 
It could be what you have been waiting for?

Think about it, perhaps you want to improve your results with money!

That means, you want to feel more empowered, attract the right income opportunities,  you want to feel good about your relationship with money, earn more, save more, build assets and get your money working for you!! 

Is it time to remove those obstacles to abundance that might be holding you back? 
Do you need to release subconscious limiting beliefs that might be keeping you in scarcity mode? 
Are you ready to embrace abundance and to prosper?

To your abundance!

The Power of Giving

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