Do you spend more than you earn?

Are you doing your WEEKLY SAVING?

Believe it or not, even people who make millions each year sometimes spend more than they make and find themselves in financial trouble.  Keeping some of what you earn or receive is the number one financial practice, when it comes to making good financial decisions.  Think about it…..

It is not what you make, it’s what you keep that counts, if you want to build WEALTH

The key is finding the balance between what you make, what you spend and ultimately, what you keep! 

Bring your focus to the KEEP part of that equation.

Everyone is after you money. So what are you doing? 
Are you giving it away?  Paying everyone else first!
The answer is yes, you are, if you are not paying yourself FIRST!

If you want to shift your energy and your results with money, then you MUST challenge yourself to SAVE.    

Plus, it FEELS GOOD to see your SAVINGS GROW!! 
It is the thing that you want the most – financial peace of mind!

Do you spend more than you earn?

Here’s to your abundance!

The Power of Giving

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