Financial Coaching

My Financial Coaching practice offers a holistic approach to Money.
We cover both the practical side of money management and the mindset, spiritual side of finances.  Each session is tailored to your specific needs, the bottom line is that it is about the results . . . your results.
Ultimately you will experience a transformation in the area of your money, income and asset building!

I offer a range of financial planning products and services that are aimed to meet you where you are now.  If you are looking for business or personal financial coaching, then you are in the right place.

After you book your first appointment, you will receive your preparation work. This will include the drafting of your ideal spending plan. This is one of the primary resources that we will be using.  It’s about accountability! Our sessions are done online.

We create what I like to call your Financial Vision, which forms the foundation to creating your journey of abundance. The focus of our sessions together will be to assist you to increase your income flow, clear debt, build savings and grow assets.  This forms the four corners of your Financial Freedom plan We will address your relationship with money and explore your beliefs about money.
How you speak and feel about money is key to identify the blind spots blocking the expansion of your income flow.

During your first session:

We start from where you are…

Identify where you want to be, financially.
Map out how to get there!
NEXT:  Action to make it happen!!
You will leave the first session with homework: an action list and accountability structures in place. The good news is that you don’t have to do it alone and your life will never be the same, in the best possible way!

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What’s app me on 071 330 8610 to set up your 30 FREE Financial Coaching Session!
It could be the best decision that you make, for your financial future!

I look forward to connecting!!


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