Financial Freedom starts with…

Did you know that financial freedom starts with you, not with your bank balance? The concept of financial freedom is something that most people want to achieve in their lives, but what does it really mean?

To me, financial freedom is about having peace of mind with your money today and not allowing your bank balance to run (or ruin) your life. It is also about being able to do the things you want to do. Just to keep you in check, I’m not advocating you spending your salary every month on another Louis Vuitton handbag and matching travel luggage… let’s keep it real and say financial freedom means you can eat at all the restaurants you really like and save for overseas holidays.

Financial Freedom starts with you...It is interesting to note that most people spend their time working to earn income so that they can then buy some Time Freedom. That year end holiday, those longed for weekend getaways that many are so desperately in need of to escape the rat race… Whichever way you look at it, most of us feel we need more money, because that in turn will give us what we really want, which is Time Freedom.

They say that time is our most precious commodity, so yes, we want more time. But look at reality right now. Are you caught in your 9 to 5 job, Monday to Friday, and maybe even a second job? If you run your own business, you may even be investing 10 to 14 hours of your day to your business.

You are right in thinking and feeling stuck. But what if we have got it back to front? What if it is the freedom that we need to find first? Otherwise, surely we will never get off that hamster wheel?

We were never taught that we need to experience and feel our freedom first, and then we can enjoy what I believe is true financial freedom… irrespective of your bank balance.

If your financial freedom is locked into you bank balance, you have set a trap for yourself that will take a long time to escape. Sure, you may create assets over a number of years to generate your monthly income, but that could be what, 5, 10 or even 15 years away?

My point here is, what about NOW?! But let’s take a look at What Is Money Really?

You may be hearing this for the first time or maybe not. Money is energy. Like everything else in this Universe, it flows along the path of least resistance and there is an abundant supply.  Everything is energy, everything vibrates. Energy is neither created nor destroyed. Everything is merely in a constant state of change, being manifested in all varying degrees of vibration.

In my financial coaching work, the most common complaint that I hear is about not having enough.  But ironically, the complaint itself, your belief, will perpetuate the very experience that you want to escape. It will keep that experience locked in. That is the way you will experience your finances, no matter how much or how little you actually have. It is just never enough. If you understand this and are open to allowing it into your experience you will have an abundance of it, but if you block it by thinking it’s hard to come by or that you are not worth it, you will live in continual scarcity.

Financial Freedom starts with you...


Money is energy. Financial freedom is about how your feel inside.  You can create any meaning to it you want and you have done that. We unconsciously give money all sorts of meanings and then hold it accountable for our happiness and our ability to enjoy our lives and especially our self worth. It would appear as if money holds the power. When your bank balance is in good shape, you feel good and vice versa. Have you willingly or perhaps unconsciously handed over your power to money?  You are not alone – many people do this.

Money is also a mirror. It is simply reflecting back to you your beliefs about yourself and about your self worth. So if you want to find out how to get more money, it’s important to know first why you want more money. Whilst financial freedom may seem like it’s about money, it’s actually so much more than that. It is actually about you. But that is also the good news. On The Path To Financial Freedom you’ll Change More Than Your Bank Balance. I believe that you can have freedom and fun in your life now, before you are what you consider to be ‘financially free’. In other words – a freedom mindset needs to come first. As you align yourself mentally with abundance, wealth, and financial peace of mind, then it can and will be attracted to you. It is not the other way around. Remember, energy grows (money) where attention goes. To learn more about an abundant mindset, you can request  my 30 minute FREE Financial Coaching Session!!  It could change your financial future!!


One of the biggest blocks that my client’s express when setting out on the path to financial peace of mind is that they are not happy about their current situation. They feel powerless and frustrated. No matter how much they earn, it just never seems to be enough. One curve ball after the next, set back after set back, always feeling like they are caught on the back foot, it certainly creates a huge amount of stress and anxiety that will ultimately damage their well being. Of course, there are some practical things you can do immediately, because if you are focusing on lack, then you’re definitely not experiencing abundance. As you focus on lack, the irony is that it is exactly the experience that you will attract. Sound familiar?

You can start by knowing where your money is going, and whether you are making the best use of what you currently have.Financial Freedom starts with you...

Depending on your situation, there are some practical steps to take like creating a money plan, directing your money, tracking that day to day spending, listing and dealing with any debt and  most importantly, starting a savings plan.
I have FREE Resources available for you on my website. 

Even small changes can give you a feeling of freedom around your finances again.

There is magic involved in taking on your finances. It is a financial journey that will allow you to get clear about what you really want from life and start following your own unique path. Honour yourself and no longer have money, or lack thereof, as a block.

It’s so exhilarating to do this. It really is a gift to yourself when you enable yourself to break free from money worries and stress. You can finally start to live a life of ease and flow with more joy and abundance in your life.

So take a deep breath and let’s start you on a journey to being happier and living a less stressful life. Let’s move you towards a life of freedom, peace of mind, abundance, power, self expression and fun!

If you are ready to take the next step on your financial journey, request my 30 minute FREE Financial Coaching Session!!  It could change your financial future!!


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Abundant blessings

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