Here is a selection of FREE resources to get you started on your Financial Abundance Journey.


No matter your starting point, if you are looking to increase your income flow, build savings and create assets, reduce your expenses
or get rid of debt and enjoy financial peace of mind, you have come to the right place.

It is time to take action – new action. By taking advantage of these free resources, you will get a taste of how Linda’s Abundance can
help you take back your power with money and live the abundant life!


You can start with the Abundance Game!

Take the Money Quiz

Use these Financial Planning Templates:

Goals, Results & Savings Tracking Sheet
Ideal Income & Spending Plan
Recording Day to Day Spending

with more templates below!

Your financial abundance journey starts now and I look forward to hearing from you.

The Abundance Game


Quantum physics validates that human beings function like magnets – it is all about energy and vibrations.  Our thoughts, our words, our beliefs are reflected in the results that we produce.    The goal of the Abundance Game is to raise your vibrations relative to money.

Free Resources

The Money Quiz


It may be a good idea to know where you stand in your relationship to money.  Take this QUIZ to learn what is holding you back from having financial peace of mind and what your current relationship with money says about you.

Financial Planning Templates

Here are some templates to get you started. Click on each link below each image to download the PDF that you would like to use.


Ideal Income & Spending Plan – Use this document for your personal financial management


Recording Day to Day Spending
– Tracking where your money goes allows you to know if your financial planning is working.  Knowing where your money goes is critical for effective money management.


Income Goal Sheet – This documents supports your financial planning in the area of your income flow.


Debt Freedom Planner – Are you ready for Debt Rescue?   The Debt Freedom Plan is the first step to getting rid of debt!  You cannot achieve what you are not measuring today!  Set yourself free from debt!


 Assets and Liabilities – Want to check your Net Worth?   Use this document to determine your current financial  worth.


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