Today I am excited to share our fabulous news.  We are featured in the latest Huisgenoot Magazine.


Last month, Pieter van Zyl from HUISGENOOT contacted me, about an article that they were working on, about how to change your mindset of scarcity and insufficiency
to abundance.  They wanted to give their readers very practical tips on how to move away from wanting, into the realm of abundance. Sound good?

I shared a few of my ABUNDANCE WEALTH nuggets.  For example, check yourself, how do you speak about money?

Another gem I shared was about understanding where ABUNDANCE STARTS!  Abundance mindset starts from within.  If you want to get beyond scarcity, then you need to focus on the abundance that already exists in your life.  If you focus on the scarcity, then you simply perpetuate that perception.

When it comes to money, there is the Inner Work & the Outer work.  The inner work is going down to the roots, your beliefs about money and how they might be keeping you stuck.  Another good question that you can consider, is how you feel about accounts. Do you love or resent your bills?

Of course, on a practical note, you do need to spend less than you make!   
Not always easy, right!?  This is not scarcity, this is sensible!  Potentially life
changing, for your future financial self!

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For the rest of the article, full of great ABUNDANCE WEALTH tips,
get your copy of HUISGENOOT today.

It is in stores this week!


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