debt love 2Can you love your debt?

Did you know that it is essential that you stop worrying about money and stop resenting your monthly accounts?

Do you treat your debt and accounts as punishments to be avoided?

An account is an acknowledgment of your ability to pay. The creditor assumes you are affluent enough and gives you the service or the product first. I bless with love each and every account that comes into my home.  If you pay with resentment, money has a hard time coming back to you. If you pay with love and joy, you open the flow of abundance. Treat your money as a good friend.

Your security is not your job, or your bank account, or your investments, or your spouse or parents. focusYour security is your ability to connect with the cosmic power that creates all things.

I like to think that the power within me is the same power that provides all that I need. The Universe is generous and abundant, and it is our birthright to be abundantly supplied with everything we need, unless we choose to believe it to the contrary. Our beliefs either allow of block the flow.

I bless my cell phone with love each time I use it, and I affirm often that it brings me only prosperity and expressions of love. I do the same with my Inbox.  Each day it is filled to overflowing with money and abundance!  I expect my life to be good, prosperous filled with joy and it is.  As you bring the energy of love to your debt, it just feels better.

scarcity to abundance xHere are three simple things you can do to bring the joy of love and abundance to your financial habits
  1. Acknowledge your value.  Every day, list 3 things that you value about yourself.  Do this for 10 days and notice how you feel!
  2. Give thanks for the blessings you already have. Focusing on what you have and are grateful for will change your life – it is as simple as that!
  3. Send each payment out with love. Each EFT payment that you make, send it with love and bless the abundant flow of money energy.  Give thanks, every time!

debt love 1

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