Is there nothing left for your future?

If you are not saving regularly, you are setting yourself up to worry about the fact that :   
“There nothing left for your future!” 
No matter how you read that sentence, it is not a pretty picture.  What I am saying is, having zero
savings will mean that there will be more financial stress in your future … 

Is that what you want?    No, of course not!!  

So my question for you today is:

What are you going to do about setting up the best financial future for you and for your family?

Taking care of your future financial needs,must be your number one priority because no one is going
to do it for you.  By taking care of your financial future, you can look forward to literally becoming your
own bank!  Now that is an empowering future, to look forward to, right? 



Remember this: saving is about honouring yourself. After all, you are the one doing all the work.
Saving is about paying yourself first. Yes, FIRST!   Every time you receive money, no matter how
small the amount might be, save a portion. It becomes a way of life. A powerful and deliberate way to
live and manage your money!!!

It is not about how much you make, it is about how much you keep. Do it for you. Keep it for you!
Experience the thrill and exhilaration when you see your savings grow. Do it for your family, for your
children’s future. Sleep easier at night knowing they’re going to go to university.


Can you draw a parallel between your commitment to your saving and your commitment to yourself?
How committed are you to your financial well being? What are you saying to yourself about yourself?
Are you asking questions like this: Am I worth it? Do I deserve wealth?

The answer to both those questions is YES! A resounding yes! You are absolutely worth it. If this sounds
familiar to you then take this opportunity to start SAVING today. As a commitment to yourself, make
saving a priority in your life. Save a percentage of all income/money you receive. It’s as simple as that!

The key is finding the balance between what you make, what you spend and, ultimately, what you keep! 

It’s your PLAN!

Planning to save is essential to sustaining your future financial well being and ultimately getting your money working for you.  That is the best goal to have and to achieve.  That way, you free up your time to do what you want, while your money is working hard for you. 

My recommendation is that you plan to save a small amount each week!  Record your saving in your
Abundance Money Diary,
where you will find a daily savings tracker.  Taking action and tracking the
results is a great way to acknowledge your progress over the month and then over the year.   Doing
this will also help you with your planning and feel encouraged to keep going!  

Please share in the comments below, about your commitment to building wealth through saving!

Here’s to your abundance!

The Power of Giving

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