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The goal of the Abundance Game is to raise your vibrations relative to money.

Your thoughts, your words and your beliefs are reflected in the results that you are producing in your life.  As the saying goes:  “What you think about, you bring about.”

Remember, when you are thinking about something and feeling good about it, you are flowing positive energy, you are aligning with it and you are attracting it. 
When you are feeling bad about something, flowing negative energy, you are, in turn attracting more of that, which you probably don’t want.

“If you realized how powerful your thoughts are, you would never think a negative thought!” ~ Peace Pilgrim

It is said that “opposites attract”, but according to scientific thinking, that is not always the case.  The Abundance Game is a fun and easy way to tap into the Law of Attraction, on a conscious and sub-conscious level! 
Whatever you focus on, think about and dream about, that is the first stage in attracting.  Current science has revealed that human beings function like magnets, or radio transmitters, in that we create our vibrations through our thoughts, our feelings, our words and ultimately through our actions.

This indicates that you can control and monitor the vibrations that you emit. 
Your feelings normally default from your life experiences, and while this is true,
it is how you feel, that impacts and determines your relationship with money! 
If your past experiences have conditioned you to think negatively about money, you will feel negative emotions and you will not attract an abundant money flow, which will further cement your scarcity conditioning. 
And, the opposite is true:
If you can change the way that you think and feel about
your money, you can begin to attract more of it!  It starts with YOU!

Fundamentally, the Abundance Game is about making changes on an inner level, raising your money ‘set point’ and shifting beliefs to attract more money in the physical form.

As you become aware of the impact that your feelings, perceptions and thoughts are having on your words, your actions and your choices, you can specifically choose and focus on the feelings that you want and release those that you don’t.

The power of the Abundance Game is to visualize what you want to purchase and you will be able to use your imaginary experiences with money, through virtual spending helps to shift your financial ‘set point’ and attract more abundance in future experiences. 
It’s a reprogramming of your foundational thoughts, your feelings and experiences with money.  It’s powerful because it starts with YOU!

Details on how to Play the Abundance Game are found in the
October section of the 2024 Abundance Mindset Planner

Remember in your ‘virtual reality’ game to always thank the universe for the good prosperity and abundance that is flowing your way.

Be positive, be enthusiastic when you play this game and it will help you to change your mindset, not only on the financial side but in every area of your life.

The OLD and the NEW

The old perspectives on wealth and abundance are based upon the illusion of scarcity, separation, judgment and guilt.  This way of thinking led to philosophies that teach “no pain, no gain”, and “stress to success” and “the last man standing wins”.
You need a new way of thinking, new paradigms to replace the old.

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What is really IMPORTANT?
  • Work or Play
  • Time or Money
  • Power or Love
  • Material Wealth
  • Personal Growth

The Abundance Game does not ask you to choose, it asks you whether you have felt that to be “successful” in you life, you would have to choose.

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Keys to creating ABUNDANCE from the INSIDE OUT

Your outer manifestations will always mirror what is going on inside of you.

When you change your inner programming, the external results will change accordingly.

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