How to bring passion, purpose and profit to your money!

My passion is to teach financial empowerment and I love to get the opportunity to present my Money Talks!  I was recently invited by Naomi Butow, founder of Mommy Mall, to do a financial presentation at her Mommy Mall event in Cape Town.

The topic was Making More Money!

Who would like to increase their income flow….?

  • Save more…?
  • Get out of debt…?
  • Feel good about their finances?

Yes, of course, we all want that, we truly desire financial peace of mind!

When I asked the mom’s to describe their current experience of their finances, the answers were

  • “HELP!!”
  • “I stress because the money goes out as fast as it comes in….”


    Finances = Stress?

  • “When the bank SMS comes though, I hate watching the money leaving my account…..”
  • “I don’t like to check my bank balance”
  • “If I check my bank balance, it puts me into a bad mood”

The experiences shared are universal, that is, money creates feelings of stress and anxiety for most people, worldwide!   With the constant worry of not having enough….most people have literally handed their POWER over to money.

What they shared, when you have enough, you feel good and when you don’t have enough, you stress and worry about it (a lot or a little), and so life becomes that roller coaster ride, driven by your money and your bank balance.

The tragedy of this experience, with this constant worry in the background, no matter what you are doing, be it driving, working, playing with your children, exercising, eating… or trying to get to sleep, most people are being robbed of their quality of life…robbed of true peace of mind!

Here are some of the key points that I shared:

PassionWho has the Power?

Take back your Power!  How much do you worry?  Does it help? The moment that you release the upset or frustration over your current financial circumstances, a glimmer of hope can appear.  The current finances are a result of your actions in the past.  Now is the time to take new actions!

Give your Money Purpose!Passion

You have to give your money Purpose and Direction!  You need to be the director of your finances.  You cannot leave this important ingredient in your life, to chance.  Left to chance, your money will leave, and you will be wondering where it went!   Be honest, do you simply ignore or neglect to give time to bring clarity and structure to your money?  Without structure and order, you will have no clarity and you will feel the stress.  Your money needs purpose and direction through organisaiton.

Do you have a Plan?


Planning makes a difference!

Organising your money, starts with a Plan.  We have probably all heard the statement:  “If you fail to plan, then you are planning to fail”.  Where do I start, you may ask!   I can help you with your plan.  Using my template, click here, you can start today, to create your ideal financial vision.   Getting it onto paper is the first step towards making it come true.  Your success is dependent on your planning.



Are you profitable?

Next big question.  Are you making a Profit?  This was a biggie!  For example, when my client Susan shared that she had quoted for a new project, feeling in desperate need of the work, she went in low.  Guess what happened, her client during the course of the project, made so many changes, turning the project into a loss!  Loss of time, loss of energy and certainly a loss of income!  Knowing your numbers, what you need to earn, who your ideal client is and what you are offering, is key to making a profit.  Planning to make a profit is your responsibility!

 People and Passion

People!  People and relationships are essential for any business. How good are you with people?  Do you genuinely care about people?  It is about building relationships with people.  How do you want to make a difference in the lives of others? PassionPeople and your passion can go hand in hand!  Are you excited about what you are doing? Is it something worthwhile spending your time on? You have something special to offer, something that you feel passionate about.  Take time to get clear on the primary aim of your business.  Who is your ideal client?  Who are you selling to?  What do they need? What exact problems and frustrations are you solving for them? What concrete results are you helping your clients get? What exactly are people handing you money for?

Your financial abundance is tied to the passion that you have, for what you do. In other words, money flows in the direction of energy. You have got to identify the things that ignite your passion.

Over to you:   In the comments below, tell me what you will apply to improve your financial well being and peace of mind?

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Thanks for taking the time to connect and for inviting me into your world.

Love & abundant blessings!

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