Wow, we did it AGAIN – a New Look for 2020!

We are so proud to present our 2020 Abundance Money Diary.  Another new look and this time, it’s for 2020.  2020 seemed sooo far away when I published my first edition in 2006 for 2007.  In fact, 2020 is my 14th edition. 
Woohoo!!  So I have to add that am delighted to introduce my brand new 2020 Abundance Money Diary! 
I do hope you like it too!

Proud to present our 2020 Abundance Money DiaryI love it, not only for its beautiful calming cover, but because I know that it will help you on your journey of abundance.  Plus, my daughter Jessica assisted with the design process, so that is very special too. She was a teenager when I published the first addition, so it’s great to have her involved in the design process now.

You may or may not have thought about this, but you and your money are in a lifelong relationship, so invest time in making it a great relationship!  My new 2020 Abundance Diary is full of powerful, yet fun concepts that will stimulate energy and vitality into your money flow.  Setting goals, acknowledging your results and recording gratitude make a powerful and uplifting difference in your life.

The Abundance Diary is designed to support your experience of financial peace of mind. Financial peace of mind is the BEST gift that you give to yourself!

Among the pages of the 2020 Abundance Diary you will find OUR goal setting and tracking charts, income and spending templates, financial inspirations each month with guidance and easy to follow exercises and much more.

The 2020 edition is available in two binding options:  Hard cover, spine bound and soft cover, wiro bound.
Both are equally functional, so it is about a personal choice. The final product always exceeds our expectations.

Click here to read more about Linda’s Abundance Diary.  

Here is some feedback from our Abundance diary owners:

Ian Edwards says:  “Inspiration is all about making people feel good about themselves and believing that they are capable instead of incapable and you have certainly done that through your diary.  Even though we have never met, I think that you are a wonderful human being and thank you for that.”

Words from Cara B:  “This diary is by far the best diary I have ever come across.  Thanks for the inspirational words every day, I love it!

We received this feedback from Sharon:  “My name is Sharon, 47 year house wife.  I bake pancakes, rusks, fruit cakes etc at the farmers market.  I am so grateful for stumbling onto this diary.  I live by every word, for the first time in my life I have been able to save and my income has tripled.  I feel I’m doing my share now.  I live by faith and affirmations now – I am a money magnet.  Thank you.  May you and your diary be blessed and bless others like I have been.  Looking forward to next year’s edition.  Thanks”

Derek Kemp shared the following:  “Your diary and the financial advice provided are world class and something which all indebted consumers can benefit from.”

Leigh Armstrong said:  “Firstly, I must compliment you on your really fantastic diary.  I am so looking forward to using my diary as it is practical and the first step in making money is not to lose it!  I will definitely be more aware of my spending habits.  Thank you.”

Here are some more testimonials!

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What about you?  What are the financial goals you are busy working on now?
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