Time to take the Money Quiz . . .

Financial peace of mind is PRICELESS

It may be a good idea to know where you stand in your relationship to money.  Take this QUIZ to learn what might be holding you back from having financial peace of mind and what your current relationship with money says about you.

Answer the following questions:

1. Do you have more than R50 000.00 in savings?
2. Do you know how much you spend on average per month?
3. Do you enjoy what you do for a living?
4. Have you ever taken a course about money?
5. Do you set financial goals at the beginning of each year?
6. Do you track your expenses?
7. Do you sometimes lie awake in bed at night or wake up early worrying about your finances?
8. Do you believe people who are wealthy are less spiritual than people who have less money?
9. Do you feel anxious when you think or talk about money?
10. Do you find yourself using the phrase “I can’t afford that” at least once a week?
11. Do you have credit card debt?
12. Do you feel like there’s never enough when it comes to money?


Add your yeses from questions 1-6.
Write that number here ___
Add your no’s from questions 7-12.
Write that number here ___
Add the first number to the second number.
Your total Money Score is ___

If your score is 0-3:

Let’s face it: money is not your favourite subject. It’s been a rough ride when it comes
to your finances. Congratulations, though, for taking the brave step of going through this quiz.
The mere act of going through the assessment and being honest about your financial situation takes a lot of courage.  Showing up and starting to get clear on your relationship to money shows willingness.

The first step to transformation is being willing.  You’re already ahead of the game because, as Woody Allen says, “Eighty percent of success is showing up.” You have some work to do to clear out the cobwebs of limiting beliefs in your money consciousness.
There are some practical steps you will need to take to get your financial house in order.
Your relationship with money is tumultuous. The good news is that you are here, you have
the option to order a copy of the Abundance Journal, to bring structure and order to your finances.
You are in the perfect place at the perfect time.

If your score is 4-9:

You are well on your way…..well done, you!
You may still have some limiting beliefs to clear out or some debt to pay off, but you are on your way! It is time to turn up the heat and take it to the next level. You have already made some fantastic headway but there is still some room to grow. The great thing is, the better it gets, the better it gets. Any relationship worth having is worth deepening by taking regular, loving actions. What is your next step?  Book a complimentary 30 minutes FINANCIAL COACHING session with me!  Or take a look at my online course, it might be the right fit for you!

If your score is 10-12:

You live in the rarified air of people having a delicious love affair with their money.
You understand how money works and you are not afraid to talk about it or engage with it.
Relationships take daily investment. Anyone who has been married for several years or longer will tell you that it takes work. Make the choice today to stay engaged with your money in a loving way.
Don’t get complacent. Instead, take daily, loving actions nurturing your relationship with money.

Be careful of the I-already-know-this syndrome. When you have already read the books on money, have
taken classes, and are already on the abundance train you may fall prey to this insidious syndrome. Any
time you find yourself checking out because you think you already know something; it’s a great opportunity
to re-engage. I don’t believe there are any 100 percent original ideas out there, but we do need to hear
things many, many times before they sink in. But I promise you this: you are here for a reason.
We have found one another and there is something here for you. Surrender into the depth of experience that can
work as though it is absolutely brand new. We all have the potential to dive deeper into our relationship
with our money and with ourselves!  You might be interested in my new 12 week online course – Abundance Alchemy.  
This is your opportunity and the time is now. I look forward to hearing from you!

To your abundance!

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