The art of spending less and . . . feeling better

Financial control is a skill that can be learned . . .

Learning a new skill can be daunting, especially in an area that can be as stressful and worrying as money. The anxiety around money is most often linked to our feelings and how we perceive our financial position. If we have a negative view on how we manage and work with our money, our feelings will be negative and this will make learning a new skill even more challenging!

The Secret of Success

The key then, is to change the way that we feel!

During October, we’re playing the Abundance Game! It’s a virtual game that allows us to change the way that we feel about and perceive money. Page to the front of October in your 2015 Abundance Diary for the details of this awesome game and enjoy your virtual shopping spree! You will find, as you progress from week one, to week two and then onto week three, you will become more relaxed and positive about money.

When you change your ‘inner-programming’, the external results will change accordingly.

mind set

Your outer manifestations will always mirror what is going on inside, so change on the outside can be made by change on the inside.

As your feelings shift, you will be able learn the skills to financial strength! You will be able to assess your spending patterns and discover if you are earning less than you are spending. For many of us – this is generally the case! But this is not a problem if we plan to fix it…

Lets’ take Warren Buffet (Billionaire) for example he lives well within his means.  In other words, his spending is lower than his income – hence, he is able to accumulate more money.  Unfortunately, many people live above their means and slow down the wealth creation process and eventually get poorer and poorer.

If you want to be very rich you need to have the right information in order to take the right actions.  You can start immediately by cutting your living expenses.

First, look carefully at how you spend your money. All too often, our money takes a detour from our goals and we have to take decisive and purposeful steps to get back on track. Perhaps you need to cut back on expenses or you need to look at increasing your income – or perhaps you need to do both. Once you know your expenses, it will be easier to cut them!

cat and money 2 x

Playing the Abundance Game is a great way to think outside of the box. It takes the stress and pressure off spending money and as a result, we can choose to spend our money with more wisdom – and more enjoyment!

Have fun and share your insights below!



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