The challenge to change your finances…

You may think that this is a bold statement to make, but if you’re ready for a challenge that will change your financial life…then keep reading…



smart phone

We live in a time that is becoming increasingly ‘connected’.  Through your phone you are able to email, text, Whatsapp, track your Facebook and your Twitter feeds and more….  You can see what the weather will be like when planning an outfit for the day – or a special hair appointment!  You can book movies and change restaurant bookings without actually speaking to anyone.  Our connectedness has also made us disconnected from the tangible reality around us.


How often to you see couples sitting having dinner, and instead of engaging with the reality in front of them, they are consumed by the virtual reality on their smart phones?  Not so smart…

cardsHas the result of this disconnectedness bled into your financial habits too?   With your debit and credit cards, you can spend without feeling the immediate impact of those choices.  A client shared how it felt like she was getting it “for free.”  Just swipe! So easy!  NO PAIN, but the pain comes later…you will feel that pain at the end of the month, but by then it is too late to change your spend.  What happens when you use plastic is that  you over-spend without knowing.  You buy on impulse, the feel good in the moment.  That temptation isle with all the magazines, choc’s, mints and lip-balms  is there to catch you…. you are channeled through that isle before hitting the till, while it adds relatively little onto your daily purchases, in the long run you spend way more than you had budgeted for.  Oops!


Here’s my solution: The Cash Diet.  When you have cash in your purse, you are far more aware of how cash dietquickly it’s gone and also aware of how much is left.  May I challenge you to try the Cash Diet?  Set yourself an amount for your day to day grocery shopping.  Calculate a weekly amount based on your monthly needs. Draw this weekly amount in cash and only pay for your grocery items from this cash amount.  You will quickly find that you will choose your groceries more carefully, with more discernment.  You may discover how powerful you feel when you buy what you actually need.  And temptation isle?  Not only will you save money on not spending here, but lets be honest, you will also save on calories!  I know that you will want to protect your money in a new way!  It is pretty incredible when you notice new feelings about your money!  I believe that The Cash Diet is an intrinsic part of transforming your relationship with money and a plan towards experiencing abundance in your life!

Now I know you might be saying…”but I don’t like to carry cash”.  If that is the case, then this is simply a bigger challenge for you.  Carrying cash, using cash and being aware of your cash is a sure way to reconnect you and your money.  Plastic is too painless.  Stick with plastic and you will continue to spend easily, but in the end cash will lead you to a higher awareness of where your money goes.  You might even find yourself choosing to keep your cash….that way, you can add what you might have spent to savings.  Do that and very soon you will have an Emergency Fund!  This is the way that you will take back your power around money and change your financial destiny.

Try this exercise for at least 30 days and please let me know what you notice.

I’d love to hear your results, so please share in the comments below!

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These actions will bring about a positive change to you and your money!

I look forward to hearing from you!

Thanks as always for reading and sharing so generously and for
choosing to master your money matters and live your juicy abundant life.   

To your abundance with huge love

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