The Power of Compounding Interest

Are you making TIME your friend, with the power of COMPOUND interest?

Compound Interest is, according to Albert Einstein, the most powerful force in the universe. 
Compounding gains momentum over time!  When it comes to your saving success,
this is a vital part of making it happen….



The Power of Compounding Interest

When you set your savings to benefit from compounding interest, from your very first month, you will earn interest on your capital saving sum.  That interest is then added to your savings balance.
The following month, both amounts will earn interest, that is you earn interest on your savings lump sum
and you earn interest on the interest.  The same happens month after month, interest on the interest.   
When you are earning interest on your saving capital and interest on your interest, that’s compounding interest!

The effect of compound interest is huge. That’s why it is called the 8th Wonder of the World! 
But, it requires time to work.  So the sooner you start, the sooner you will reap the
rewards and have your money working for you!  That way, you gain the advantage over TIME!

By saving regularly, you are on your way to financial peace of mind and financial well being – which are equally important, in fact, it’s life changing!!  Another benefit is that your saving habit will grow in strength and you will start to see and even feel a shift in your energy with money!

The key is finding the balance between what you make, what you spend and ultimately, what you keep! 

If you want to build WEALTH, it is not what you make, but what you keep that counts!!

Will you get compounding interest working hard for you?

Please share in the comments below, about your commitment to building wealth through saving!

Here’s to your abundance!

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