trapped in not enoughTrapped in not enough….  Are you trapped in the not enough conversation?   Yes, it is a trap. One of the biggest complaints that I hear from some of my clients is that ‘it is not enough’.  When setting out on the path to financial peace of mind they are just not happy about their current situation.  They feel powerless, frustrated and trapped.  A survey done a few years ago, found that forty two percent of women and thirty two percent of men worry about not having enough money. Only thirty five percent of men and just twenty eight percent of women ever expect to get rich.  No matter how much they earn, it just never seems to be enough.  One unexpected expense comes in, emergencies costs money; the feeling of being caught on the back foot is perpetuated. It certainly can create a huge amount of stress and anxiety. As you focus on lack, the irony is that is exactly the results that you will experience. It’s a trap.  Are you feeling frustrated you aren’t saving as much as you want to every month?  Overwhelmed with all the financial education out there and not sure how or where to start?  The good news is that there are some practical things you can do immediately.

A good place to start is to know where your money is going.  Are you are making the best use of what you currently have, because if you are focusing on lack, then you are definitely not experiencing abundance.

No matter what your current financial situation is, there are some practical steps you can take towards having trapped in not enoughan empowered and abundant relationship with money.  You can draft a money plan; direct your money, knowing where that day to day spending goes.  List and deal with any debt and most importantly, start a savings plan.  Yes, even if you have debt because that is the only way to break the debt cycle.   These are action steps that will change your life forever.

Even small changes can give you a feeling of freedom with your finances again.

Did you know that there is magic involved in taking control of your finances? Miracles can and do happen.  When you track something, just the sheer act of tracking it tends to improve our results, because what you put your attention on grows.  It is a financial journey that will allow you to be clear about what you really want from life without money stress!

It’s a gift to you!  To break free from money worries and stress.  You can start to live a life of ease and flow with more joy and abundance in your life.  All wealth is created by the human mind.  Increasing your wealth is a matter of increasing the quality of your thoughts.

trapped in not enoughIf you want to take this on this abundance challenge and learn more, you are invited to join me online for a Money Date!  I will be sharing some of the common money mistakes that you could be making that are keeping you stuck in the ‘it is not enough’ experience.  I am sure that you want so much more for yourself!

So take a deep breath and let’s start you on a journey to being a happier version of you and living a less stressful life.  Let’s move you towards a life of freedom, peace of mind, abundance, power, self expression and fun!  Ready to find an alternative and set yourself on a clear, inspired path to financial freedom?

During our Money Date, you will see how you can turn this around.

When:    21st July
Time:     8pm (SA Time)
Where:  Online

Yes, you can have more money than month and you can SAVE and get your money working for you.
By the end of our online Money Date you will:

1.  Know why you can’t afford to avoid your money any longer
2.  Understand what that “not knowing” is really costing you
3.  Be able to claim financial peace of mind and escape being trapped in ‘not enough’

Your financial problems cannot be solved with the same thinking level that created them.  It starts with having a paradigm shift in your head.  The good news is that you hold the power to make that shift. Are you open to finding the tools to support that journey?

My LIFE changing online course Money Made Abundant is designed to be that!
Here is what people who have done my online course have said:

Linda, I just wanted to let you know that I have paid off my credit card! This really is a testament to just how amazing your Money Made Abundant course is. I wouldn’t have done it, had it not been for the course and what I learnt from my time with you. I will be saving a whopping R3000.00 a month!!! I haven’t seen that kind of savings in years. This will be going straight into my savings account so that I can finally build that “rainy day” fund.  Thanks again for getting me to this point. Keep well, Kate

If your issue is financial health, I can highly recommend Linda’s online course. Linda creates a nurturing space in which to explore your feelings and beliefs about finances. – Vicky H

Linda and her Abundance course crossed my path at exactly the right moment. I had a lot of debt and felt ashamed and burdened. Attending the financial session, it opened my mind and changed everything. I am so grateful. Wilma M

I can’t recommend this woman enough!!! She helped change my life! 🙂 Tara L

What to know more?  Then you are welcome to join me on 21st July, online at 8pm
Click here to book your virtual seat

Wishing you blessings in abundance



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