The OLD and the NEW

The old perspectives on wealth and abundance are based upon the illusion of scarcity, separation, judgment and guilt.  This way of thinking led to philosophies that teach “no pain, no gain”, and “stress to success” and “the last man standing wins”.
You need a new way of thinking, new paradigms to replace the old.

The only guarantees from the old perspectives are greed, inner poverty, competition and war.  In other words, the belief that there is not enough to go around will inevitably lead to our own destruction and the destruction of this world.

Money and wealth has destroyed our relationships.  Within our hearts many of us recognize that the old paradigm has kept us disconnected from the living, breathing Universe and from one another.

This is where we need to start thinking within a new paradigm, one that is founded in the understanding that the Universe is abundant.  Just like James Cameron’s Avatar, where the local indigenous people were connected to all life, we are all interconnected and have within us the power to shape our reality.

You are now invited to come from fullness, instead of lack, to support one another and to reconnect with your own personal power. The new paradigm reminds us that there is more to life than what we see, our point of power is now and all is well, for it truly is.

We can see people (and ourselves) reacting with anxiety and fear to the crumbling of the old paradigms.  As economic structures are falling to greed and the overspending of society, the new paradigm is emerging and people are embracing the new perspective.  The question is – which will you choose? 
Abundance or Scarcity?

To be able to share this LOVE, PROSPERITY and ABUNDANCE with others, it has to flow through YOU first.

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