What is really IMPORTANT?
  • Work or Play
  • Time or Money
  • Power or Love
  • Material Wealth
  • Personal Growth

The Abundance Game does not ask you to choose, it asks you whether you have felt that to be “successful” in you life, you would have to choose.

  • Have you been striving for success? 
  • Have you worked more hours than you intended?
  • Have you suffered from work related stress?
  • Have you invested energy in an effort to get ahead, that you would have preferred to invest in a relationship or other activities?
The Material Path to Success

Do you feel richly rewarded by your sacrifices or are you one of the many people who author Steven Covey is describing when he speaks who have:
“climbed the ladder of success, only to reach the top and find that the ladder was leaning against the wrong wall.” 
Do you enjoy the benefits that your worldly focus has provided to you, but resent how much of yourself you have had to give up in the process?

The Spiritual Path to Fulfillment

Or … are you someone who has placed a priority on your emotional, psychological and spiritual growth while taking your focus off material gains?  Has this approach brought you to a powerful place of alignment with your inner power while leaving you feeling a bit less than empowered on a financial level?  Are you feeling called to explore your passion but finding that when you “do what you love” the money doesn’t necessarily follow?

Creating Prosperity from the Inside Out!

Prosperity is the experience of having plenty, more than enough of what you truly need and want in life, material and otherwise.  Focusing on the material or spiritual path to the exclusion of the other actually blocks the experience of abundance.  To experience true abundance and prosperity you must have a balance of inner and outer success. True prosperity is an experience that includes and goes beyond mere financial accumulation.  When you have true prosperity, you experience a richer, fuller life in all areas, that is, enhanced quality of relationships, better health, increased creativity and accelerated career success, along with enjoying the feeling of freedom, joy, connection and abundance.

Remember, that unconditional love starts with YOU!

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