What you did learn about Money at school?


Have you ever wondered why don’t they teach kids in school about money?  Many say that learning about investing and saving, self worth versus net worth might have been helpful.

In my workshops, many people have shared about how they were not taught about money at school. After one of those workshops, I recall how Penny told me:  “I wish knew this or ANYTHING about money, saving & investing when I was young!”  

Did you know that whenever you are earning money, you are essentially buying back your own time?

So what did you learn about money matters, at school? 
What did you learn about personal finance at school? 
Probably close to nothing. 

That’s where the problem starts.  Money touches every other area of your life, and yet its a conversation that most people are not comfortable to have. Without a conversation, money matters stay in the dark, the unspoken subject and that in turn leaves most people feeling more dis-empowered, because there is that stressful feeling of it is not enough….

Every adult and child in the world actually needs to feel empowered in this area because they do have the knowledge and skills to become financially independent.

The World suffers from that FINANCIAL EDUCATION GAP

We are taught English, Science and History at school, but not how to manage and invest our money. We rely on parents to teach us, but many parents don’t really know what to do themselves. After all, children don’t come with a manual. If your parents didn’t know much about achieving financially independence, chances are they didn’t teach you, because they didn’t know how, through no fault of their own.

And it’s a crying shame, because that means that it’s much harder for most people to become financially independent.

Think about it this way, having financial independence will make you ‘time rich‘. Being time rich means choosing how you spend the seconds, minutes, hours and days that make up your life. 
That’s the freedom that everyone desires.  Freedom to choose!

You get to financial independence through mastering money, and that is done by saving, buying assets, generating passive income, avoiding bad debt and getting your money working hard for you.  I want you to know that it’s never too late, or too early, to take control of your financial future. Please don’t wait on someone else for this, because this is something that you have to do it for yourself.

It’s what you do with it that counts

Anyone with an income can become financially independent. Astute decisions, in line with your goals are all that stands between you and financial independence.

There are only TWO MONEY RULES:  Save and Buy Assets

The path to get to financial independence are many and varied. The first step has to be saving, that is keeping some of what you earn, every time money comes in. 

This strategy is what allows you to sleep well at night while building your wealth. Saving is where it starts and then, all you need is the knowledge of what options are available.  Find out what framework for making the best money decisions are available for you at the time.

My Purpose:  Holistic Financial Education

I want you to become financially independent. I want to teach you the skills you need and a framework for making good financial decisions. I want you to pass these skills on to young people: your children, grandchildren, nieces, nephews, neighbours and friends.

Think about these questions: 

  1. Are you ready to learn more about money and how to take back your power around money?
  2. Do you want to believe in and use the power you have, to manifest your dream income?
  3. Are you to keep some of that money that you earned and get it working hard for you?
  4. Do you want to transform limiting financial beliefs into beliefs that support your dream vision?

Valuable Feedback:

Read about what Doryce shared regarding her financial transformation from working with me:

“One of my problems has been living at the edge of credit card debt …So, the good thing is yesterday one of my credit card statements arrived and for the first time I didn’t feel fear.  It was about 10k to 15k less than what it’s been for months and I haven’t spent on other cards..  Getting those down by not using them at all and paying them off.  Feeling the feeling of mindful spending…Mindful spending by tracking spending and using some money that came in unexpectedly last month instead .. Soon I will save that unexpected money …Thank you Linda, you have changed my life!”

Take ACTION today:

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What you did learn about Money at school?

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