Heal your finances

Maybe finances stress you out.  What if you could heal your finances?  Finances can be an emotional roller coaster and if you feel that way you are not alone. There are so many people who are on the same journey as you, and it’s not quite the experience you imagined when you were younger! From financial regrets (had to have that ZARA coat, didn’t you??) to feelings of guilt or shame (school fees are not a joke), managing money and finances can be a heavy burden to carry. A friend shared how although she owned her car and her house by the age of 32, and whilst she was in a decent job, every month was still a struggle for her. Sure, she wasn’t paying a huge mortgage or even a car loan (things often look peachy from the outside), but she still felt enormous anxiety towards the end of every month. She would save and save and then suddenly something would happen where she would have to use her saved money. She just felt that sometimes there was no way out of this spiral (both emotional and financial) that seemed to happen to her every month.

You might also feel that there is no way out.  You may even have an ongoing feeling of anxiety about your money just like she did. It’s a real thing.

You can heal your finances

Perhaps you’re in denial about how much you owe and often wonder where your money goes.

Whatever your situation, it’s probably safe to say that handling your money is probably not your favourite thing to think or talk about.

But what if you could find healing for your finances?  What if I said that you can heal your finances?

Through my work with hundreds of people, I’ve created a way to help you face what you need to face and actually feel empowered and confident. What would having clarity with your money, more certainty and financial peace of mind mean to you?

Have you been putting off saving (or investing) and you know you really want to grow assets?   Are you confused about how to make your dream a reality? For example, a home of your own or starting a business? With this in mind, I am inspired to create a 21-day online program, designed to help you heal your finances, from the inside.

Imagine something like… ‘21 Days to Abundance’ where you get to unpack your feelings (positive and negative) and any experiences and beliefs you may be holding onto that trip you up or hold you back in life. Perhaps some things are hidden from you, so diving into your feelings and beliefs about money, could reveal more, allowing for healing and empowerment.

I want to enable you to explore, inquire and create a new relationship with your money.
So, my question to you today is simply this:   Would a program like that resonate with you?

Does it always seems like you never have enough, or you can’t seem to cover all of your expenses every month?  I’ll bet you know this story: Just when you seem to get ahead, something unexpected happens. You get a puncture and have to buy a new car tyre or you drop your phone and the screen breaks and suddenly it’s R1 500 to repair…

If this reminds you of you, then healing your finances could be right for you. Remember, you are not alone in this. There are a lot of people in the same boat. You can heal your finances

Sure, there is a lot of financial advice out there. But if you’ve been reading books and articles (or if we’re being completely honest, it is actually that you are ‘thinking’ about reading them?) and still can’t figure out how to create true financial peace of mind and abundance in your life, then this online program could be for you.

This program will certainly change the way you look at your money. You’ll have a better idea of the path you need to take to get out of that financial rut. Even if you don’t believe it’s possible, I know it is. And I will show you the way.

Over to you.  I value and appreciate your feedback. My commitment is to be able to offer and provide healing in an area where a lot of people have been hurt and are experiencing pain.  You can heal your finances!  What do you want to change, fix or heal, about your current financial situation?

You can heal your finances



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