Your cornerstone to Financial Freedom

Money loves to be saved.  Did you know that saving money is a cornerstone to Financial Freedom?

And when you honour what money needs then money will be attracted to you, because saving brings you into energetic alignment to becoming a Money Magnet!  You are either attracting money or you are repelling money!

It is not rocket science to realise that SAVING is something everyone should do despite how much money they are making.  This concept is as old as money itself but it is an extremely tough one to master considering all the debt that many people have succumbed to.

Consistent SAVING is the cornerstone of Financial Freedom,
so why do so many people neglect to save? 

Did you know that your COMMITMENT to living
ABUNDANTLY, is expressed through saving!  

Imagine saving as a lifestyle!!


Your cornerstone to Financial Freedom


Your Saving is the best demonstration of your commitment, to not only yourself but also to your relationship with MONEY.  It becomes a nurturing relationship and that energy flows both ways!  Try it and see!!

The key is finding the balance between what you make, what you spend and, ultimately, what you keep! 

What are the saving rules?

  1.  Respect and honour yourself, by simply paying yourself first
  2.  Start saving today and benefit from compound interest
  3.  Set up a separate saving account for your savings

Planning to save is essential to sustaining your future financial well being and ultimately getting your money working for you.  That is the best goal to have and to achieve.  That way, you free up your time to do what you want, while your money is working hard for you. 

My recommendation is that you plan to save a small amount each week!  Record your saving in your Abundance Money Diary, where you will find a daily savings tracker.  Taking action and tracking the results is a great way to acknowledge your progress over the month and then over the year.   Doing this will also help you with your planning and feel encouraged to keep going!  

Please share in the comments below, about your commitment to building wealth through saving!

Here’s to your abundance!

The Power of Giving

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